The R.S. Service of Bergamo, specialized in the supply of mechanical fastening systems, offers in its catalogue a wide range of threaded inserts with different metric threads, in galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

We have threaded inserts in both short and long versions, with the possibility of application on different thicknesses. Cylindrical, hexagonal or knurled, our threaded inserts allow different types of sealing to be ensured, which is why our technicians are always available to advise which of these fixing systems is able to better meet your needs.

The threaded insert is a fixing element that allows you to install a thread in very small spaces or in uncomfortable positions, where it would not be economically possible to make a thread from a tool. The threaded inserts offer very high strength characteristics, whether they are made of steel, aluminium or stainless steel. They are also practical and quick to use.

The threaded inserts are used on laminates where the tapping does not give sufficient guarantee of sealing and to avoid the drawing and subsequent tapping operation. The threaded inserts are available with cylindrical stem and hexagonal stem, open or closed. They can be in galvanized steel, in stainless steel and in aluminium and with round, flared and reduced heads.

The use of the threaded insert

The use of the threaded insert

Threaded inserts are very advantageous because they offer a very reliable and economical assembly. They are used for the assembly of thin plates, for screwing gaskets, in the aerodynamic industry, in the space industry, in the automotive industry and for the adjustment of support surfaces, such as metal furniture and appliances. They can be used to fasten multiple elements, such as tractor cabs and public works machinery, for assembly on sliding doors and equipment.

Threaded inserts are also used for the assembly of fuel tanks, oil tanks, for fixing elements with a spacer function; for fixing screens, protection plates for cables in aeronautics and weather protection for unprotected lighting systems.